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UPDATED 14/5/21

Need help applying for and finding a job?

We can refer you to a local recruitment advisor who can assist you (free of charge) with:

  • looking for a new job
  • putting together your CV
  • job applications
  • preparing for your next interview

Just call Alsager Community Support on 01270 876605 to arrange an appointment.

Job fairs, schemes and matching:

  • Government job help scheme:
  • Cheshire East Council have a job matching service for those who are coming out of work as a result of Covid-19, linking up with local employers who are looking to recruit temporarily.  If you would like them to help you transfer into a new role fill in the form and someone will be in touch to discuss your requirements. Apply here.

Jobs in Alsager and local towns from local websites / businesses /schools etc :

Alsager Nub News – Jobs in Alsager and surrounding area: Alsager Area Jobs | Alsager Nub News

Jobs in Alsager from job search websites, updated 14/5/21:

Supermarkets jobs (updated 14/5/21):

Care companies recruiting in nearby towns (updated 14/5/21):

  • Able Well Care 01625 669854
  • Careuk (Senior Care Roles + Home Support – Domestic and Catering + Care Roles + Clinical Roles Registered Nurse at Crewe)
  • (Nurses + Support Workers + Registered Nurse + Care Assistant + Unit Manager Care + Support Co-ordinator and many other roles in places such as Sandbach, Congleton, Newcastle, Stoke and Crewe):
  • Community Integrated Care
  • Due to Covid-19, more people are needed to work in adult social care. P/T and F/T opportunities available, with full induction, ongoing training, competitive salary and excellent terms & conditions. Enquire at:

General job sites: